2022 Semester 1 Fortnight 4 – Sensors, Circuits & Actuators

Sensors and actuators enable a cyber-physical system to do things that the inventor wants them to do. Sensors take in the inputs and actuators’ behaviours are the outputs of the inputs. This fortnight really made it real for me that I am here to work on a cyber-physical system. So far the work and study that I was exposed to were largely on software. I did not get to see anything physical being influenced by the code that I wrote. The immediate response from my gut was that “Oh, this is not my thing”. I was uncomfortable working with circuits or getting anything to be moving with the Circuit Playground Express. But as I delve into this, in the big scheme of things, this is directly related to the self-driving automobiles, semi-conductors, and battery industries that I voraciously read about. It took some time to realise this but when I did, I voraciously delved into this.

Learning Goals

Become familiar with Integrated Circuits.

Become familiar with Digital Circuits.

Read and understand Practical Electronics for inventors.

Supporting Evidence and Documentation

For the creaturehomework, the first chosen sensor for me was the infrared.